Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

How many times in a day do you have to make decisions? Maybe you have a dilemma which needs another voice to use as a sounding post in order to clarify your goals?

Garden Graft Consultancy Service offers you an initial two-hour session in which we can help you make the right decisions towards a better garden. Our advice and experience can be an invaluable tool when choices seem overwhelming. We can show you clear options to guide you through this process and reach your goals for a garden that suits your needs.

An expert plantsman with over 45 years of gardening skills can be a powerful tool to utilize prior to investing in changes to your outdoor living spaces. We can consult on your design ideas, show you the pitfalls, and  steer you through the labyrinth of information available.

If you require a completely fresh design project, we can offer you the unexpected, the charming, the humorous, the beautiful, the safe. We can tailor our skills to your needs and begin a wonderful working symbiosis where you fulfil your gardening dreams.

Please contact Garden Graft Consultancy Service if you are having trouble with knowing your next move in the process of making your garden a fabulous place to be in. We can give you the confidence to proceed to the next level, and make it fun!

The cost of this service? £200 will save you money in the long run by not making the wrong choices and wasting time.

Learn to love your garden, learn to love Garden Graft.

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