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Cutting Heleniums for Flower Arrangements

Here is the raised bed we put in for growing flowers for cutting. The Sweet Peas were a success, but the Heleniums were severely attacked by slugs. I’m hoping that next year they will return with renewed vigour and we will continue cutting them as soon as the flower buds mature. This will encourage them to repeat-flower and give us loads of floral delight in the house. I’m going to edge the top of the timber with copper strips which should deter all but the most enthusiastic slugs and snails.

I’m going to add chives to the bed which will provide flowers for salads and deter aphids from attacking the flowers of the Sweet Peas, Heleniums and the Runner Beans that we put in this year.Aphids, that is Greenfly, Blackfly and Whitefly, hate the smell of any of the Allium family, including Garlic, Chives, Leaks and Onions. Ornamental Alliums such as Allium Christophii. Other plants that do the same trick are Marigolds, Lavenders (Lavandula)and Rosemary (Rosmarinus). The flowers of Marigolds can be added to salads which will bring colour and interest to the table. Enjoy!

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