Planting Expert

Planting Expert

Entrust your planting ideas to Garden Graft, where years of practical knowledge will ensure your investment is perfectly realised. Garden Graft takes the strain out of planting and makes the end result fun, fragrant and colourful.

Plants will only thrive if they have the correct position in the garden, the correct soil to help nurture and protect, and the correct watering regime to help give your plants the best out of their lives.

At Garden Graft the “when, where and why” are fully explained to give you confidence in the planting scheme that is right for you.

When: At what time of year can you plant? Never plant if the ground is frozen or water-logged. October is considered the beginning of the gardening year. Many plants will lose their leaves and concentrate on making root growth at this time of the year. The soil will be relatively warm and moist with a decent spell of rain expected over the coming months. Plants will find this an advantageous moment to take root and settle into a new site.

Where: Which plants like a sunny position? Or a shady site? Should it be sheltered or is an exposed area suitable? Should the soil be well-drained or moist, or both?

Why?: Some plants have evolved to require an acidic soil. These are known as Calcifuges, or lime-hating plants. If there is lime in the soil, they would be unable to take up the required nutrients, exhibit signs of chlorosis ( yellowing of the leaves), become weaker and more prone to infectious diseases and slowly starve to death.

These are just a few of the parameters that a good plants’ person will consider in choosing what works best for you, the client and plant lover. When you choose Garden Graft know that there is more than forty years’ worth of gardening experience to fall back on, and look forward to a fun and informative planting session.

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